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Does your battery keep running down? Does it start slowly? Or does the temperature impact how well your car starts? It takes an expert to diagnose the starting and charging systems in your vehicle. Take your car, truck or SUV to A&S for a starting and charging system diagnosis and our free 36 Point Check.

A experienced technician will inspect the battery connections, the hardware, the condition of the case, the electrolyte level (where applicable), and the battery load (its ability to perform its function). The technician inspects the alternator belts, brackets and connections, and tests voltage and current. Finally, the starter is inspected for proper connections and mounting, and is tested to see how much electrical power is required to turn over the engine when the engine is cranked.

Based on this expert diagnosis, we will recommend the service that’s right for you and replace only the needed components.


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Starter helps start your car. It turns the engine when you turn the key to starting position.  Although, it only function for few seconds while your car is running but if it goes bad you will be stranded. At A&S our expert technicians can diagnose starting problems and recommend precise repairs.


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The alternator generates direct current for recharging the battery and also powers vehicle electrical loads. The charging system keeps the battery charged, and supplies voltage for the entire electrical system. So if the alternator, voltage regulator or wiring that connects the charging system to the battery and electrical system goes bad, it can create serious problems.


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Maintenance and Care: It is a good idea to have your car, truck or SUVs entire starting system tested periodically. This will determine if your car’s alternator is putting out the correct amount of current and voltage. A problem alternator could cause a battery to discharge, improper operation of lights and/or accessories, even erratic engine operation. A&S can provide you with a comprehensive starting, charging and battery test.