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Scanning cars computer - At A&S we take pride in our work. When we are presented with a vehicle with check engine light on, we take that as a challenge to rectify the issue. We will scan your check engine light at no cost, and provide you with the code. However, getting the code is just the begging step of diagnosing a vehicle. A complete diagnosis will be required to pinpoint the exact problem.

  • Check Engine Light On
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Transmission Jerk
  • No Power When Accelerating

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Your electrical diagnostics is a different from onboard computer diagnostics. Your electrical systems diagnostics may include lighting system, starting, or charging system.

  • Headlights Not Working
  • Breaklights Not Working
  • Car Does Not Start
  • Battery & Alternator
  • Charging System
  • Fuel Pump

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Is you car making a strange noise? Is it your brakes, suspension, or is it the tires or the belt? Bring your vehicle at A&S Auto Service, and we will be happy to help figure out what is that Live casino fra sofakroken noise.

  • Grinding Noise
  • Steering Wheel Shaking
  • Noise When Applying Brakes
  • Humming Noise
  • Squealing Noise

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It is 100 degrees out and there is hot air coming through the dash vents, or is it 0 (zero) degrees out and you have cold air blowing through the vents. Regardless of the scenario at A&S Auto Service our master technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

  • No Heat
  • Hot Air Coming Through The Vents
  • Air condition (A/C) Not Working